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Welcome to Tan Thru Clothing .com!   Tan right through your shirt, swimwear, and more!
With materials that allow the sun to pass through your clothes, you can now get a tan while outside in the yard, out at the park, or by the water in a Tan Thru Swimsuit. With polo shirts, Men’s and Women’s Swimwear with both 1 piece suits and bikinis, all allowing a full tan directly through the clothing.  Also acting as a moderate filter for the sun (approximately 6 SPF) the fabric does shield you a bit from the full direct  exposure to the sun. Cooltan is the only company currently actively marketing their tan through products at the moment in the U.S. that we are aware of.   Links are provided below:
It cannot be stressed enough how getting too much sun can be unhealthy & dangerous. Getting enough sun to be healthy is fine, but to keep really healthy skin, you should apply sunscreen if you stay out for too long, even if it is cloudy outside. The sun's ultraviolet rays can still penetrate through clouds and inflict harm upon your delicate skin. Please Tan Safely
Cooltan Tan-Through Women's Swimwear
tan through bikini
Men's tan through swimwear from Cooltan
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